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Opening their doors for business in 1972, Craft Decor has cemented its name as the premier wall and floor tile specialist in Perth. Providing a spectacular variety of indoor solutions (including timber laminate) as well as outdoor applications, the range to discover within each of Craft Decor’s five massive showrooms is unsurpassed.

Craft Decor understand what you’re after; choice, reliable quality products and no gimmicks or hidden costs. Put simply, the best tiles at the best price. Craft Decor have something to satisfy every taste and budget: from textural finishes and contemporary colour ways to patterned features and embellished designs, Craft Decor’s style count is endless.





Having long-established and reliable supply chains enable Craft Decor customers the highest in quality assurance along with their bulk ordering advantage – delivering exceptional value. A bonus much-appreciated by customers is Craft Decor’s flexibility, so for large orders simply make them an offer!

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