Bathroom Tiles

Bathrooms, often having the highest proportion of tiled surfaces, make them an ideal canvas for you to truly maximise impact; exploring texture and depth with a multitude of features and finishes at play. Aside from the obvious waterproofing there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to tiling a bathroom, so personal taste and flair that cohesively ties in with the rest of your home will reward you with the best result.

Chic, spotless bathroom tiles not only look the part, their purpose is to tirelessly ‘perform’ showing no signs of wear and tear for years to come. By keeping your bathroom wet areas sealed and moisture proof, tiles together with correct water-proofing systems, protect other areas in the home from water damage.  As well as aesthetically pleasing, most home owners agree when it comes to bathroom tiles, being easy to clean is a must.

Whether your preferences are for glossy floor-to-ceiling white, earth-toned natural stone look or fresh aquatic hues conveying texture and pattern, Craft Decor certainly have bathrooms covered.

Some of the ways to add personality to your bathroom are with:

  • Feature tiles
  • Borders
  • Combinations of different tile finishes
  • Creative floor tile designs

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