Frequently Asked Questions?

Selecting new finishes for your renovation or new build is exciting and daunting – you want to be happy with the result.

Some products may require extra care or specialist installation techniques so it’s important to ask lots of questions from your retailer and your tradie to understand the process.

Our FAQs answer the most common question clients ask of us and may help with asking the right questions of the tradespeople you choose to engage for installation.

Tips For Selecting An Installer

Tips For Managing Your Tiling and Flooring Projects

What You Need To Know About Large Format, Rectified and Non-Rectified Tiles

Do I Have Enough Tiles and Flooring Products For My Project?

What is the right grout joint size?

Can I Return Leftover Tiles and Flooring Products?

How Do I Care For My Tiles?

Why Is My Tile Grout Patchy and Can I Avoid It?

Why Has My Grout Discoloured?

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