Wall Tiles

Wall tiles are one of the simplest and most effective ways to add character and interest to any given space. During production, colours and metallic effects are layered on to wall tiles in 2nd and 3rd firing processes. This can result in intricate and rich finishes that are not usually available on floor tiles (which are usually only fired once at much higher temperatures for increased strength).

Popular choices for wall tiles currently are;

  • High gloss
  • Mosaic
  • Matt
  • Metallic
  • 3-D Effect

Whether the vision you have for your project is contemporary or eclectic, funky or classic, forget feeling daunted by the task – allowing your creativity to shine is the most fun part! The friendly Craft Decor team have all the experience to put your mind at ease, on hand to help guide your selection of beautiful wall products to find the perfect fit for the look you wish to create.

Ceramics tiles are a decorative art form dating way back to the oldest civilizations, in fact remnants can be found in the homes of the Ancient Egyptians, Mesopotamians and early Chinese.  Although, who created them first, is intertwined in the passages of history. by 1000bc the creation and decoration of ceramics was a well-established science.  With the rise and fall of empires and movement of populations, so grew the influence of these small ceramic wonders. 

Interestingly, it was the Ottomans that popularised the use of wall tiling by using them in mosques -finding them to be a good insulator in hot environments as well as echoing the sound of prayer.  The Chinese developed ceramics for construction, pottery and porcelain for their imperial courts and later for trade.  Europeans, using them in royal palaces and churches, were heavily influenced by the designs discovered and collected along the various merchant routes.  Explorers and pioneers also introduced the use of wall tiles in the new worlds as they reflected light when used on facades and were not affected by the, sometimes, humid conditions.

With mass production tiles have become widely available and are known as an exceptional building material due to being versatile, economical and beautiful.

As the quest for new aesthetic concepts continues to evolve, so has the technology for manufacturing tiles.  Wall tiles are made in much the same way as floor tiles; however, wall tiles are often fired twice or even three times to allow for the layering of extra colours and metallic detailing.  Production can now create 3D effects and also imprint photographic quality pictures on to tiles, resulting in designs and finishes never seen before.

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