Why Has My Grout Discoloured?

Grout can discolour or become black over time and for the most part is just dirt and can be cleaned or renewed. 

For bathrooms and shower areas, grout may darken due to soap and shampoos adhering to the grout.  Additionally, if the area is not well ventilated this creates an environment perfect for the breading of mould.

For main floors, grout may stain due to excess water in the cleaning method and/ or the use of generic tile cleaning products which leave residues and impurities on the surface of the grout. In kitchen and meal areas, spills and general dirt may also discolour grout.

Although a conventional mop and bucket method will clean tiles, this cleaning technique is not ideal for grout.  Mops may leave a film of dirty water in the grout joins, particularly if there is excess water, as it dries – and over time – this will soil the grout and cause it to become dark and dirty looking.

To clean built up dirt on grout joins, try a narrow brush and a specific grout cleaning product such as Davco Tile n Grout Clean or Aqua Seal Grout Clean Pro.


How can I maintain my grout and keep it looking good:

  • To minimise the amount of loose material entering your home from foot traffic and to help avoid abrasion from sand and dirt keep mats available at all entry points.
  • Always sweep or vacuum before mopping.
  • For general cleaning use a damp chamois or towelling cloth-style of mop (aka: flat head mop) which only wipes the surface of the tiles instead of the traditional long strand mop and squeeze bucket style.  A flat head mop for grout is generally all that is needed to remove stuck on dirt.
  • Sealing of the grout when it is new or just cleaned will create a barrier between the grout and dirt left on the surface so that it may be more readily wiped, rather than scrubbed off. Try Aqua Seal Spray n Seal.

No specific cleaners or detergents are required for the routine cleaning of tiles and grout.  Occasional cleaning using tile and grout specific cleaners to may be useful in removing any invisible oily build ups and this will renew the look of the tile as well as the grout.  Try Davco Tile n Grout Cleaner or Aqua Seal Ezy Clean.  For heavier staining try Aqua Seal Extreme Clean.


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