Do I Have Enough Tiles & Floor Covering?

Calculating the quantities required for any new build or renovation is important to the success of the project.  Availability of extra tiles, once the project is underway, cannot be guaranteed.

Before going ahead with your order, we recommend:

      • You order 10% – 15% more than the area you wish to cover, this allows for breakages, cutting, waste and spares.
      • Quantities are confirmed in consultation with your qualified installer.
      • After the job is complete, we recommend that you keep the spare product for future repairs or home modifications – it is extremely difficult to purchase tiles/laminate/hybrid years after a job has been finished.
      • If more tiles/laminate/hybrid flooring are used during the install than has been allowed for – you may only be left with a few pieces – we recommend you check the shade/batch on the boxes and contact Craft Décor as soon as possible to consider purchasing extra.
      • If you have a lot more leftover than you were expecting or you do not wish to keep them, please see Can I return leftover tiles and flooring from my project?

How do I work out how much product is required for my tiling and floor covering project?

If you are working from a plan and the scale is 1:100 then a cm ruler is sufficient. If you don’t have a plan then a tape measure in situ is required for measuring width, length and height.

For Walls:

      • Multiply the width by the height (as high as is required) e.g. your wall is 2.8m wide and you wish to tile to 2m high. Then calculate 2.8m x 2m = 5.6m2.
      • Remove the area of any doors or windows within that wall e.g. the area of the door is 2m high and 0.85m wide for a total of  1.7m2. Take the wall dimension and deduct the door dimension. 5.6m2 – 1.7m2 = 3.9m2.
      • Then, add 10% for breakages, cuts, waste, and spares and round up to the nearest half a metre: 3.9m2 x 10% = 4.3m2 plus the half metre round up gives you a total 4.5m2.
      • This example if for 1 wall, apply the same process for additional walls.


For Floors:

      • Multiply the width of the floor by the length of the floor.  This will give you the area that you wish to cover. e.g. your family room floor is 4.4m x 5.2m = 22.88m2.
      • Then, add at least 10% and round up to the nearest half a metre: 22.88m2 x 10% = 25.168 = 25.5m2 for breakages, cuts, waste, and spares.

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