The Moroccan Tile Obsession

Whether you’re a home décor enthusiast or have been inspired by the many local and international home renovating programs, you’ve probably come across the Moroccan design trend. With a myriad of intricate designs, it’s a new (or old) world away from the minimalistic look that’s still a favourite amongst the local home owner.

Composed of a rich palate with hints of the baroque and byzantine eras, the Moroccan influence can add impact to any home.  From an old settler’s cottage to an upmarket federation style residence or a modern home with eclectic flare, Moroccan style will inspire.

At Craft Décor, we love it.  If you love it too, discover some of our latest Moroccan inspired tiles.

Designed, made and imported from Spain:

Vintage Series, available in two colour ways: Gris (grey) with 13 different faces and Azul (blue) with 10 different faces. Combine all for a classic mix or used in a combination of 2 or single faces to create bold modern and traditional designs.

Gris Mix

Azul Mix

Eternity Deco Gris : neutral grey colours in  a classic Spanish design , the Eternity series interlocks  in an arabesque form.

Eternity Deco Gris

Skyros Gris 442 x 442:  classic neutral warm grey tones.  Created as a pre-cut tile to divide the distinct faces of each design and give the impression of a much smaller tile.

Skyros Gris

And an Australian made we’re proud of:  Ultra White & Ultra Blue 300 x 300. A quintessential Moroccan design configured in a thoughtfully modern way, perfect for bathroom areas wanting flair

Ultra Blue

Ultra White