House Rules High Stakes – Tanya and Dave’s Perth Home Renovation That Hit The Mark

This year’s House Rules High Stakes Perth renovation for Tanya and Dave was in the established suburb of Bedford.  The large home, built in the 1940’s with traditional and Art Décor features, was impressively transformed into a natural, light filled coastal family home by the contestants within a week, delivering all 5 of their House Rules;

  • Give us a natural coastal, family home
  • Storage solutions for the whole family
  • Layer and texture with rattan and cane
  • Deliver with refined use of whites and dusty tones
  • We’d love a break from the kids upstairs

We were thrilled to have supplied tiles for 5 rooms of their home which were selected from over 700 tiles that we have on display in each of our 5 showrooms throughout Perth.

Here is a closer look at what was achieved

The simple colour palette for the ensuite created a relaxing space for Tanya and Dave whilst using the sand and sea for inspiration.  The judges were impressed with the tile selection particularly, the floor tile (Frammenti White 300 x 600) creating “the barefoot luxury of the beach”.  Delivering on the refined use of white (Glacier White 600 x 600), a wall recess in the shower was highlighted with the dusty tones of pale green (Pequino Kelp 75 x 300).

The Classic white on white kitchen with a generous helping of appliances – to delight even the most celebrated of chefs – is spacious enough to accommodate cooking for the largest of family gatherings.  The splashback tile selected by Laith and George (Handcraft White Matt 75 x 300) added texture to the surrounding flat hard-edged surfaces as well as keeping the colour pallet simple and effortless to maintain.

The cool coastal theme is never more apparent than in the main bathroom. 

Emphasising the generous space of the room, the large format satin floor tile (Poetry Satin 600 x 600) offers the functionality of an easy-care surface. The walls added a fun textural contrast with the selection of a matte white, 3D wall tile (Crotchet White 300 x 800).  LLB called them “incredibly expensive, very lovely wall tiles”.  We say to LLB that “yes they are very lovely but not incredibly expensive”. 

The judges loved the blue coloured laundry wall tiles…and so do we!

With the crackle old world feature in the mid blue gloss tile (Poema Blue 75 x 300), doing the washing will be a pleasure.  A dry glazed feel for the laundry floor tile (Scenic Stone 299 x 600) is both charming with its beach sand design and functional in its easy care finish.

This space received the biggest wow from the home owners Tanya and Dave and turned out to be the judges favourite with LLB saying it was “the smallest room in the house, but with the biggest heart”.  The powder room’s floor tile was the absolute show stoppers in this renovation (Tulip Azul 200 x 200).  Together with the classic white skirting tile (White Matte 100 x 200) made an awe-inspiring combination with the wall paper and sent Kayne and Aimee straight to the top of the leader board!

When next renovating or building you dream home, see Craft Décor for an amazing selection of floor and wall tiles, you won’t see a selection like it anywhere else in Perth.