House Rules High Stakes – Tanya and Dave’s Perth Home Renovation That Hit The Mark

House Rules High Stakes – Tanya and Dave’s Perth Home Renovation That Hit The Mark

This year’s House Rules High Stakes Perth renovation for Tanya and Dave was in the established suburb of Bedford.  The large home, built in the 1940’s with traditional and Art Décor features, was impressively transformed into a natural, light filled coastal family home by the contestants within a week, delivering all 5 of their House Rules;

  • Give us a natural coastal, family home
  • Storage solutions for the whole family
  • Layer and texture with rattan and cane
  • Deliver with refined use of whites and dusty tones
  • We’d love a break from the kids upstairs

We were thrilled to have supplied tiles for 5 rooms of their home which were selected from over 700 tiles that we have on display in each of our 5 showrooms throughout Perth.

Here is a closer look at what was achieved

The simple colour palette for the ensuite created a relaxing space for Tanya and Dave whilst using the sand and sea for inspiration.  The judges were impressed with the tile selection particularly, the floor tile (Frammenti White 300 x 600) creating “the barefoot luxury of the beach”.  Delivering on the refined use of white (Glacier White 600 x 600), a wall recess in the shower was highlighted with the dusty tones of pale green (Pequino Kelp 75 x 300).

The Classic white on white kitchen with a generous helping of appliances – to delight even the most celebrated of chefs – is spacious enough to accommodate cooking for the largest of family gatherings.  The splashback tile selected by Laith and George (Handcraft White Matt 75 x 300) added texture to the surrounding flat hard-edged surfaces as well as keeping the colour pallet simple and effortless to maintain.

The cool coastal theme is never more apparent than in the main bathroom. 

Emphasising the generous space of the room, the large format satin floor tile (Poetry Satin 600 x 600) offers the functionality of an easy-care surface. The walls added a fun textural contrast with the selection of a matte white, 3D wall tile (Crotchet White 300 x 800).  LLB called them “incredibly expensive, very lovely wall tiles”.  We say to LLB that “yes they are very lovely but not incredibly expensive”. 

The judges loved the blue coloured laundry wall tiles…and so do we!

With the crackle old world feature in the mid blue gloss tile (Poema Blue 75 x 300), doing the washing will be a pleasure.  A dry glazed feel for the laundry floor tile (Scenic Stone 299 x 600) is both charming with its beach sand design and functional in its easy care finish.

This space received the biggest wow from the home owners Tanya and Dave and turned out to be the judges favourite with LLB saying it was “the smallest room in the house, but with the biggest heart”.  The powder room’s floor tile was the absolute show stoppers in this renovation (Tulip Azul 200 x 200).  Together with the classic white skirting tile (White Matte 100 x 200) made an awe-inspiring combination with the wall paper and sent Kayne and Aimee straight to the top of the leader board!

When next renovating or building you dream home, see Craft Décor for an amazing selection of floor and wall tiles, you won’t see a selection like it anywhere else in Perth.

House Rules

House Rules

Craft Décor inspires Perth, House Rules 2018

This years House Rules competitors chose tiles from Craft Décor for the renovation of Dave and Chiara’s Yangebup home.

Interpreting the rules had couples thinking outside of the box and taking risks in order to impress the judges and home owners. The results for the bathrooms hit the house rules of “bring in the bling with glam luxe style and be passionate with red, gold and silver” with contestants Toad and Mandy receiving a judges score of a perfect 10 for their zone.

The layout was kept simple, using a heritage inspired floor tile (Royal Howard Black 450x450mm) as a reference.  For the walls, Dazzle 300x600mm was installed for some glamour and as a contrast the “perfect shade of red” (LLB) was added using Promenade Rojo 100x300mm.  The remaining walls were finished with 300x600mm Gloss White.

Ensuite by Mel and David
Ensuite by Mel and David
Making a strong comeback to bathrooms this year is the look of classic Carrara Marble, with its grey veins on white/silver base. Also enjoying a revival are the Spanish and Morrocan look tiles, produced with modern colours and finishes.

On the walls: Statuario Gloss 600x600mm is teamed  2 rows of  Listello Cleopatra 50x600mm and an indulgent feature shower recess with Glint Orro 442x442mm.  A dramatic floor using  Versailles Noir 250x250mm.

If you love the above or not sure that’s OK, visit any one of our showrooms for more creative and inspiring bathroom wall & floor combinations.

Wood Look Tiles – They Work So Well.

Wood Look Tiles – They Work So Well.

It’s no secret that timber flooring is an attractive and popular choice for many consumers. It’s simple to clean and has a natural elegance.

For many home builders or renovators however, they simply can’t resist a tiled surface. They are easy to maintain, won’t fade or be damaged easily and resist moisture and temperature changes.

Wood-look tiles or timber tiles, as they are commonly referred as, are that happy medium between evoking the natural beauty of wood, with the easy-care practicality of a porcelain tile.

…And it’s why we’ve been in the grips of a timber tile revolution for a while now.

De Bois in Mocha 150 x 600 (also available in Crème, white washed finish) the look of a rich traditional timber and comes with a décor tile to mimic the look of a recycled pallet.

You may be surprise to know that they first appeared in the mid 90’s but lacked appeal as the designs were a poor imitation of the real thing.  Parquet designed square tiles were amongst the first wave of the wood look tile productions – with little impact on the market. Several further attempts were made by manufacturers however, it was the introduction new digital inkjet technology which ultimately hit the mark, finally being able to mimic the natural variations of timber grain rather than a repeated design which quickly lost the natural appeal.

Today’s timber look tiles are a credible likeness to – and will probably out last – the product it imitates.  A wide variety of real timbers are now the inspiration for the distinct and unique ceramic planks now available.

Tre Series in charcoal 150 x 600 (also available in silver, taupe and white) has a distinct grain for a genuine woody look and feel. Great colour range to combine with classic subway wall tiles for anyone with an introspection towards a Hamptons bathroom.

With so many colors and textures in this design style, it’s possible to create anything from resort living to beach chic to the look of a grand country manor in your own home.

Wood look tiles work well as a main floor however versatile enough for bathrooms walls, floors, indoor and outdoor feature walls.

Discover the many shapes and colors of Timber look at Craft Décor.

Distressed Grigio & Décor 150 x 800: shades of beige and grey in a well-worn look.  Laid in a herringbone design with a matching décor for the recycled look.

The Moroccan Tile Obsession

The Moroccan Tile Obsession

Whether you’re a home décor enthusiast or have been inspired by the many local and international home renovating programs, you’ve probably come across the Moroccan design trend. With a myriad of intricate designs, it’s a new (or old) world away from the minimalistic look that’s still a favourite amongst the local home owner.

Composed of a rich palate with hints of the baroque and byzantine eras, the Moroccan influence can add impact to any home.  From an old settler’s cottage to an upmarket federation style residence or a modern home with eclectic flare, Moroccan style will inspire.

At Craft Décor, we love it.  If you love it too, discover some of our latest Moroccan inspired tiles.

Designed, made and imported from Spain:

Vintage Series, available in two colour ways: Gris (grey) with 13 different faces and Azul (blue) with 10 different faces. Combine all for a classic mix or used in a combination of 2 or single faces to create bold modern and traditional designs.

Gris Mix

Azul Mix

Eternity Deco Gris : neutral grey colours in  a classic Spanish design , the Eternity series interlocks  in an arabesque form.

Eternity Deco Gris

Skyros Gris 442 x 442:  classic neutral warm grey tones.  Created as a pre-cut tile to divide the distinct faces of each design and give the impression of a much smaller tile.

Skyros Gris

And an Australian made we’re proud of:  Ultra White & Ultra Blue 300 x 300. A quintessential Moroccan design configured in a thoughtfully modern way, perfect for bathroom areas wanting flair

Ultra Blue

Ultra White